New Sports & Learning Complex, Prince George’s County

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. provided the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the new 240,000 SF Sports and Learning Complex. The complex was built as a multipurpose athletic facility consisting of four primary components; a field house with a fitness area, an aquatics center, a gymnastics center and a connecting core atrium between program components. The complex supports both professional and amateur events covering a wide variety of sports. The mechanical design services for this project were provided as part of a design-build contract with the project mechanical contractors. The design team worked closely with the contractors to coordinate systems and their installation with the building construction.

Twenty roof top air handling systems were provided to condition the building and provide ventilation air. Conditioned air is distributed through exposed flat-oval ductwork in the field house, gymnasium and pool areas. The exposed ductwork was designed within the building architecture to provide proper air distribution while being visually appealing. The pool area was constructed to consist of an Olympic sized competition pool and a leisure pool. Three 26,000 cfm “pool-pak” air handling units supply conditioned air to the pool areas. Individual unit controls maintain temperature and humidity levels in the pool areas. When available, the unit controls reject space heat to the pool water for pool water heating. Toilet and shower rooms were provided throughout the three story core area to support the program uses. Plumbing, fire protection and domestic water heating systems were provided as part of the mechanical design.

Project Features

• Design/Build
• Field house
• Fitness area
• Aquatics center
• Olympic size pool
• Gymnastics center
• 20 roof-top air handling units

Services Provided

• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Fire protection


• 240,000 SF
• 3-story building