East Campus Housing, University of Delaware

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. provided commissioning services for two five story, steel framed buildings totaling 252,000 GSF on the main campus of this rapidly expanding state university. They provide 750 new beds and related amenities for residential students, as well as Residence Life and Housing Assignment Services offices, a complex lounge to accommodate large group meetings, and apartments for residence staff. Although the University is not pursuing LEED certification for the buildings, commissioning services must meet the requirements of LEED 2009 EA Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems, and EA Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning. All energy-related systems in the buildings were commissioned, as well as all plumbing systems, mechanical systems, electrical and lighting systems, and life safety systems.

The 100% design documents were reviewed for commissioning related items such as controls interface, coordination access, and serviceability. The commissioning specifications were developed and incorporated into the project documents. We developed the commissioning plan, which outlined the commissioning process and listed the systems to be commissioned and was reviewed with the construction manager and contractors. This plan also includes details about the commissioning team and their roles and responsibilities.

Project Features

  • 750 New Beds
  • 5-Story Building
  • Residence Life and Housing Assignment Services Offices
  • Apartments for Residence Staff
  • LEED 2009 Requirements


  • 252,000 SF