Boiler Replacement, International Monetary Fund

Leach Wallace was commissioned to evaluate the International Monetary Fund’s boiler plant, and to design the low pressure steam boiler replacement and system upgrade. The first task was to evaluate the condition of the existing boiler plant, which was constructed in three major phases, and its operation efficiency. The existing drawings and studies relating to the boiler installation were reviewed. The design team surveyed the existing boiler plant and ancillary equipment; including, the piping arrangement, condensate receiver and return system, the feed water system, the chemical treatment system, boiler controls and the breeching and stack. Ultrasonic testing and inspection was completed for each of the boilers and the chimney.

Secondly, a load analysis for the entire facility was completed. The current boiler plant operation was analyzed using utility bills, control schedules, weather data, and loads for both heating and domestic hot water usage. Alternative boiler plant arrangements were developed utilizing various sizes, capacities and types of boilers in order to determine the most appropriate configuration. Options included rebuilding or replacing the four existing 600 BHP water tube boilers, and field erecting combinations of 400, 500 and 600 BHP water tube and cast iron sectional boilers. The boiler plant operation was modeled for each of the proposed alternatives. An energy and life cycle cost analysis was completed for the various alternatives.

Project Features

• Master controls
• Energy systems analysis
• Utilities analysis
• Life cycle cost analysis

Services Provided

• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Plumbing


• 4 new 600 BHP boilers