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Leach Wallace’s present staff includes 43 registered professional engineers and all of our principal-level staff are LEED® Accredited Professionals.

Three of Leach Wallace’s five vice presidents serve as group managers responsible for the supervision of several design teams as well as maintaining a principal-level relationship with clients. As group managers, they act as the primary client liaison for each project; oversee the project managers, project scheduling and assurance of client satisfaction. They work closely with clients and architects to develop the project scope of work and related design proposals. They oversee the workload and staffing of the design teams to assure each project is given the required manpower and resources to be successful.

Each design team is multi-disciplinary, consisting of mechanical and electrical engineers, CADD operators, and headed by a project manager. Each of our project managers has over ten years experience and is a registered professional engineer in his or her discipline. The multi-disciplinary teams provide a better coordinated design and provide the project manager with a consistent staff. By dedicating a synergistic project team with a given client, the engineers and project manager can become familiar with the infrastructure of the facility as well as the owners representatives who are responsible for construction and maintenance.

In addition, our project managers are responsible for implementing our total quality management program throughout the design process. We use design standards, details and temperature control sequences as a part of our quality management during the design process. Maintaining good communications with the entire project team including the owner, the design team external agencies and in some cases, a construction manager is essential.

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